Grammar Sir

Today we also begin with verbal section named as ‘Grammar Sir’. We hope these sections will help you learn and practice.

Supply with appropriate words:
1. ______ effect is noticeable.
2. Rahul kissed Ramya for _____ effect.
3. Sheela did her ____ MBA at Oxford.
4. Parthiban wants to become ____ missionary.
5. Rohit need ____ black cat.
6. Vinay need ____ cat.

Please give your answers in the comment section to help others. Thanks!

Grammar Sir ‘Gyan for the Day’
Colons: In sentences, only use colons after something that would complete sentence on its own.


4 Responses to Grammar Sir

  1. Fredy says:

    1. This
    2. his
    3. The
    4. a
    5. The
    6. a

  2. loratis says:

    Good attempt Fredy! Please re-check on some answers.

  3. loratis says:

    1. The (Rule: The ends with ‘e’ and effect starts with ‘e’, so two e’s butt up against each other.)
    2. ‘The’ is not necessary in the second, but it doesn’t ruin the sentence.
    3. an
    4. a
    5. The
    6. a

  4. sagar sapkota,erode says:

    k sir thank you……

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