Murder Mystery Puzzle

There are five people. One of them shot and killed one of the other five. Which man is the murderer?

1. Sameer in the Bangalore City 10K marathon yesterday with one of the innocent men.
2. Satyananda considered being a farmer before he moved to the city.
3. Satish is a consultant and wants to install Shankar’s new computer next week.
4. The murderer had his leg amputated last month.
5. Shankar met Shashank for the first time nine months ago.
6. Shashank has been in seclusion since the crime.
7. Sameer used to drink and smoke heavily.
8. Satish and Shankar built their last computers together.
9. The murderer is Shashank’s brother. They grew up together in Mysore.

Do you know who’s the killer and who’s the victim?

Please add your solution in comment section below. Thanks!


3 Responses to Murder Mystery Puzzle

  1. A.K.Parthiban says:

    sathish killed Satyanand.

  2. loratis says:

    I appreciate your answer. Please can you give steps to arrive to your answer. I shall post the complete solution by tomorrow evening.

  3. loratis says:

    Satish Killed Satyananda
    1. Shankar is not the murderer, because he is the brother of the murderer.
    2. Sameer can’t be the murderer since he ran a marathon, and the murderer recently had his leg amputated, and wouldn’t be running a marathon of any magnitude that quickly.
    3. Shankar is not the murderer if he just met Shashank, since Shashank and the murderer grew up together.
    4. This leaves Satish and Satyananda.

    Since Satish is still alive (he wants to install a new computer next week, present tense) he must be the murderer. Satyananda also didn’t grow up with Satish. It has been determined that Shankar, Sameer and Shashank are all alive. Sameer must also be alive since Satish plans to install Shankar’s computer next week. This means that Satish killed Satyananda.

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