A Love Letter – Mera Prem Patra

You want to send a valuable love letter and a proposal ring to a girl or boy friend securely, because your parcel will be checked by father at home if its easily accessible. You have a box that is more than large enough to contain the object. You have several locks with keys. The box has a locking ring that is more than large enough to have a lock attached. But your girl or boy friend does not have the key to any lock that you have. How do you send the object securely?

Dosage for the Day
When to use Affect Versus Effect?
Your love letter was read by your probable father-in-law, that affected your relations.
The effect was eye popping.
You use ‘Affect’ to show ‘some influence’
You use ‘Effect’ to see ‘a result’


5 Responses to A Love Letter – Mera Prem Patra

  1. loratis says:

    This puzzle has a direct application in cryptography. Let’s say you want to send a secret message to your friend. Because you don’t trust commercial and freeware encryption methods, you use a secret cipher of your own. Only you know the key to the cipher. Not even your friend knows it. So you send the encrypted message; your friend encrypts it further with his or her favorite secret cipher and sends it back to you. You remove your cipher and send it back to your friend; and he or she removes the second secret cipher and reads the clear text. This process has the benefit of being very quick and easy by e-mail.

    Save From Your Father-in-law: Put the valuable object into the box, secure it with one of your locks, and send the box to your girl or boy friend. Your girl or boy friend should then attach one of his own locks and return it. When you receive it again, remove your lock and send it back. Now your girl or boy friend can unlock his own lock and retrieve the object.

  2. Vinoth Kumar says:

    In this scenario we can use the digit lock. Because the unlock pattern will be encrypted in letter itself it is easier and faster.

  3. Fredy says:

    Its better not to have any boy friend or girl friend… It saves time.

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