I Assure, Ensure and Insure You!

Today’s ‘Grammar Sir’ session you will learn the difference between ‘Although vs. While’

Although means ‘inspite of the fact that’, for example –
Although the water was cold, Govind Ramesh thought he could swim.

While means ‘at the same time’, for example –

While Saurav Kumar scored hundred in a 20-20 cricket match, Vineet Singh scored double hundred in a test match.

Supply with one of the words (Assure, Ensure or Insure) for the following –

1. Karthik must ____ that the effect is melting.
2. Ammu _____ you that the Burger is fresh.
3. Vishnu need to ____ his vehicle.

Grammar Sir ‘Gyan for the Day’
Fewer or Less: Use fewer for count nouns; use less for mass nouns.
Ex: There were fewer onion. There was less water.


12 Responses to I Assure, Ensure and Insure You!

  1. Ammu Rajendran says:

    Ensure, Assure, Insure…..:-)

  2. Bala Manikandan says:

    assure, ensure, insure

  3. Gulrukh Saleem says:

    ensure, assure, insure

  4. Preeti Gurung says:

    ensure, assure, insure…

  5. avinash himanshu says:


  6. Fredy says:

    Assume, Ensure, Insure

  7. loratis says:

    1. Ensure
    2. Assure
    3. Insure

    Assure is used ‘to reassure someone or to promise.”
    Ensure is used ‘to make certain or to guarantee.’
    Insure and Ensure are interchangeable, but it is easiest to keep these words straight by reserving insure for reference to insurance.

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