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In an exclusive electronic interview on Management education in Europe with Mr.Sunil Srinivasan, Process Engineer at Frames Separation Technologies B.V. , Utretch, The Netherlands. He provides a bird eye view on opportunities in Europe for aspiring MBA students.

Santosh: Welcome to Loratis Career School!

Sunil: Thank you!

Santosh: Please provide us an overview on universities offer business management courses?

Sunil: In Europe, there are various universities that offer management education. European management education need not necessarily be only an MBA degree. There are programs such as MA (Marketing, Management Sciences), MSc in Management, Masters of Management, MBA and EMBA.

Santosh: When is it appropriate to start preparation for an oversea MBA?

Sunil: Most of the universities have admissions in September each year, for exact start date of admission; one must check the university website. It is recommended that one should start preparation minimum 4-5 months in advance provided he/she has the required documents.

Santosh: What are the pre-requisites for most of the universities in general and specific?

Sunil: Typically most B-schools look for ambitious individuals, individuals with clear career focus and determination to succeed in International business. Generally, a 3 year Bachelors degree, with minimum 2 years work experience (if applicable) and good communication skills in English will generally be observed during MBA selection procedure by the B schools.

In specific an MBA aspirant should have the following:-

a) Bachelors degree
b) Work experience if any
c) High GMAT scores (this can be a deciding factor, for admissions)
d) English profiency: TOEFL/ IELTS
e) Motivation letter or statement of purpose
f) Positive attitude and focused applicants preferred.

Santosh: Which are the top universities in Europe?
Sunil: Various Universities or Institutes can be categorized under many important factors. Some of the factors may vary according to ones point of view. Below are some of the universities or institutes which may be considered as top universities in Europe.

INSEAD, France
ESADE, Spain
IMD, Switzerland
ESMT, Germany

Santosh: Is work experience mandatory to enroll for a business course?
Sunil: It is not mandatory but recommended. It varies from school to schools.

Santosh: Can you give more insight on GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS preparation?
Sunil: It is advisable to prepare for GMAT by joining some coaching classes. However experienced mentors may give first hand information about GMAT preparation.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) conducted by the British council and university of Cambridge, is widely accepted in most of the B schools.

TOEFL: Test Of English as a Foreign Language, conducted by Education testing services and is used by many American Universities, Government Agencies Licensing Bodies and European Universities.

These exams may not require external coaching. One can buy preparatory books from either British library or popular book stores and follow practice tests.
TIP: Watching English movies and constantly conversations in English will improve your vocabulary as well as confidence!

Santosh: What a student can expect from European universities?
Sunil: European Universities will offer:
Exposure to international atmosphere, global networking link with like minded aspirants, development of professional leadership and Europe’s best career resources possibility of short term return on investments

Santosh: How these universities are different from east in MBA?
Sunil: Both offer management education but the methodology can be different. In the East, most of the universities focus on theory based learning with some inclination towards practical aspects. Whereas in Europe, education is based on practicality (in the form of live projects) and focuses on group activities, group learning, field visits, in short it allows an individual to learn more on his own. In the west education is more intensive as programme duration can be between 12 months to 20 months, therefore experienced candidates have more advantage than non experienced candidates. Similarly taking costs into consideration education in Europe can be very expensive (around 25- 40lakhs INR). The concept of placement does not exist in international B schools, however there will be lot of job fairs and therefore depends on ones capability to find a job. Please bear in mind the universities don’t promise hundred percent placements as their counterparts in India.

Santosh: Are there any scholarships offered for Indian students?
Sunil: For programs in UK there are various partial scholarships for Indians. For exact information please contact British Council
For programmes in EU, Erasmus Mundus offers limited scholarships, for details visit

For other scholarships applicants need to contact respective universities

Santosh: How are the career opportunities for a management graduates in European nations?
Sunil: Job market in Europe for MBA graduates in generic terms it is good. The students choosing the best B schools will have an opportunity to meet potential recruiters at the job fairs. Usually, students with considerable work experience find placements easily and others have to put their networking skills to test.

Santosh: Thank you for your time and valuable information.
Sunil: Welcome and Thank you!

Loratis Career School will bring more insights of European education in coming weeks. Stay tuned at

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