Hi All! Welcome to second part of the interview “Crack the Career Code”, with Mr. Subhash Kasturi, Product Manager e4e Business Solutions, Bangalore. Please free to contact us on any questions pertaining to CAT 2009.

Santosh: What is the duration of CAT?
Subhash: The exam will be for a duration of 150 mins including time for instructions and familiarization with the computer terminal. Whether specific time limits for individual sections is to be implemented is a prerogative of the CAT organizing committee and no one would be privy to that data.

Santosh: What does each section cover?
Subhash: In total there will be three sections: Verbal ability; Quantitative Ability; Data Analysis and Logical Ability. The total number of questions will be around 70 covering the three sections. Again the information of number of questions in each section is a discrete and only an educated guess can be made. There should be less that 25 questions in each section.

Santosh: Is there anything like minimum score for CAT?
Subhash: There is no minimum score, decided in advance. Individual institutes (IIMs as well as non-IIMs) will decide their own cut offs for short listing. They will be an overall cutoff for the total score. Institutes will give a preferential weightage to each sectional score. They will also assign considerable weightage to academics and work experience.

Santosh: Is it necessary to clear each section separately?
Subhash: Yes an aspiring candidate has to clear each sectional cut off. To be sure of calls from multiple institutes he should not only clear sectional cutoff but also exceed it by a considerable margin.

Santosh: What is sectional cut-off?
Subhash: As mentioned different institutes have different sectional cutoffs. This is privy to institute selection board.

Santosh: Is it necessary to MBA aspirants to analyze the strength and weakness in each section?
Subhash: Yes every student should know his strengths and weakness well before appearing the exam. Since there is no time limit for each specific section, an ideal student would take this to his advantage and would allocate more time for a section which he feels will be more fetching and lesser for one he is confident of making a mark.

Santosh: How to cope with the weakness in a particular section?
Subhash: Prior to test a student should make himself confident of the section. While in the test, this section should be allocated more time. He should try to answer more questions assuming the strike rate will be low.

Santosh: What is the minimum cut-off to be called for GD and PI?
Subhash: Answered above.

Santosh: Is there any negative marks awarded for wrong answers?
Subhash: Generally there is a penalty for wrong answers. This will help reduce guess work. The extent of negative marking is once again privy to the CAT board.

Santosh: What is the outcome if two answers are marked?
Subhash: In a CBT the system will be not accept multiple answers unlike paper based test.

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