Get hired not fired

Loratis career school brings you a new segment on common mistakes in written communication. A mistake can lead to one of the following such as
1. Loss of customers
2. Never get a call for an interview
3. Get fired from the job etc.
These can be attributed to the common mistakes done in communication. Loratis brings a series in communication to overcome “mistakes” and to show the “right” direction.


4 Responses to Get hired not fired

  1. Siddu says:

    “Dont Network”

    Always try to address directly to the person when it comes to senior level management rather than communciating thru your peers. A message transfered from your end will reach in a different manner when you route thru other, then no matter how hard you want to streamline Firing becomes necessary.

  2. norbu ten says:

    dear expert,
    how to build self respect and respect from others while in job? Is truthful really works in job ?

    • loratis says:

      Dear Norbu, Thank you for your query. We shall reply to you be email on the same within a week’s time. We would like to hear from you again! Welcome to Loratis family!

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