My Marriage Dilemma

Marriage Dilemma of Venkatesh & Nilima

Venkatesh, 28, comes from a very orthodox, rich and traditional Telugu family with three younger sisters, 26, 22 & 18. He has been in love with Nilima for the past 5 years. Both are professionally qualified, having a job at Hyderabad and Chennai respectively. Nilima, 25, comes from a very orthodox Tamil middle class family. She has three elder sisters who are not yet married.
Venkatesh’s family is forcing him to get married at the earliest. He tells his family about his affair, creating a big storm in the family. But the family finally agrees for his wish. Nilima, when tells about her affair with Venkatesh to her family, the situation at home gets violent.
Find a workable solution.

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12 Responses to My Marriage Dilemma

  1. israar shaikh says:

    ”run and marriage”
    so simple

  2. neetha.d says:

    1) both venkatesh and nilima must try to convince
    2)if they have true love then definetly after 50yrs also they will get marry
    only time can give the best solution for all the violent situation.

  3. NAVEEN KUMAR says:

    1)venkatesh and nilima can do Marriage their sisters in an good family
    then surly their family members accept venkat & nilima

  4. RAHUL R NAIR says:

    Venky nd Nilima z in a trap… :/ he z nly 28 nw… He wud hav to wait 4 atleast 2 years since he hs 3 sister to get married.. Nd Nilima wud hav to regret all proposals found by her dad….! I’m sure that by this cndition , as Nilima z gettin aged, her family would agree 4 her affair…! Nd its Nilima who z goin to liv with the one she get married to..! So its her Decision To which her family should accept..!! Thats all… All eez well 🙂

  5. prabhaece says:

    Venkat can tell that i will marry after my sister got married. And after venkat’s ant Nilima’s sisters marriage both can convince their family. I am sure that as both wil growing old their family will accept them as both were from good family and they are settled in thier life..

  6. Aeon says:

    Venkatesh should make the move at this particular situation. He should convince Nilima’s parents that he will always keep her happy in spite of having differences, since love doesn’t have any language with itself. On the other hand, he should also assure her parents that he will help them in finding relevant bride grooms for her elder sisters before he marries Nilima.

  7. Sovankar RAy says:

    leave it to god

  8. Since both of them come from a very orthodox family..running away from the family and getting married is not a good idea..everyone in the family would be disturbed and hurt.
    Now Nilima, being the youngest should worry about her elder sisters marriage and i think should wait till at-least one gets married,and try to talk to Venkatesh regarding this .
    Since nilima and venkatesh are both professionally qualified .,ter should not be a problem to their parents.
    Nilima should ask for some 2 years time..and in the mean time Venkatesh should see to tat even his younger sisters gets married.
    All this is possible only if BOTH OF THEM love and understand each other truly..i think a 5 longs years of relation says it all..:)
    Everything should would be fine within 2 years time .
    I would never suggest tat tey both should get separated,because tey both loved each other not to part ways..but to unite.
    If tis happens to be a real story..,I would want to wish “ALL THE BEST” to Venkatesh and nilima..:)
    i hope ur love stays on forever.
    Life is all about passing through hurdles..:)
    God bless!!

  9. Bhavana Nyalkalkar says:

    The problem is half solved as Venetesh’s family wants him to marry asap and have have agreed to accept Neelima as his bride. Neelima has to remain calm and firm on her decision of marrying Venky. She cant run away as it may spoil the family reputation as she has 2 elder sisters of marriageable age who could face difficulties in finding a suitable groom if they go for arranged marriage. Neither can she wait till the marriage of her sisters bcos she herself is of a marriageable age and another important reason is Venky’s parents will not wait.
    Neelima should gain the support of her sisters for her marriage with Venky. If they are convinced, the three sisters can convince their parents that Venky is the best match for Neelima as he is well qualified and is in relation with her from the past 5 years and wants to marry her. They should also emphasis on the point that Venky will take good care of Neelima as he has proved this by convincing his parents to accept Neelima as their daughter-in-law despite the fact that she is not a Telugu girl and his family being equally orthodox…..As this convincing by the three daughters is going on, slowly Venky should try to meet Neelimas father, (know his likes n dis likes before hand) build a rapport and convince him that he will take care of neelima and will help in finding suitable grooms for her sister but has to get married to neelima soon as his parents are not willing to wait. At this point Neelima should insist her dad that she will not marry any one except Venky…….There will a storm at neelimas home…..let it calm down for 2-3 weeks then Venky should take his parents to talk with Neelimas parents about their marriage….The frequent convincing by all daughters, Neelimas persistance, Venkys determination and the emotional turmoil will make Neelimas father think during the gaps and he will agree. Timing is very important. Everyone should not convince at once, they should do it at a gap of 2-3 weeks. Parents always want their children to be happy, they will agree. Running away is not a solution, Sacrifice is not justified without trying…..

  10. raju says:

    for time being live in

  11. Deepak Motiani says:

    Since Venkatesh’s parents have already agreed, waiting a while longer to get married should not be a problem for him any more.
    The solution lies in Venkatesh, his parents, and Neelima all working together to convince her parents.
    With 3 elder sisters to marry off,her parents would not be pressurizing her to go for an arranged marriage at the moment.
    Let the lovers use this time to convince her parents.
    Time and commitment shown over a sustained period has won many a set of parents over.
    Meanwhile if Venkatesh could help in any way towards getting any of the older sisters married off that would be a huge brownie point in his favor. (Failing which, he can always work to ingratiate himself by helping around and lending a hand in the “shaadi ka ghar” when relations are found for the older sisters by Neelima’s parents)

  12. Krish Mohan says:

    Read Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States and use it as a guide.

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