Great Pyramids of Egypt

A young Ali took a trip to visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt in 1995. He was deeply moved by the trip and vowed that one day he would return with his children chinnu, munnu, dummu so that they could also see the wonders of the Great Pyramids. The man fulfilled his vow, and in 1969, he and his son’s visited the Great Pyramids. How is this possible?

Dose for the Day!
Who vs. Whom
Use the he/him method to decide which word is correct.
he = who
him = whom

Who/Whom drew the paint?
He drew the paint. Therefore, who is correct.
For who/whom should I live?
Should I live for him? Therefore, whom is correct.
We all know who/whom pulled that prank.
This sentence contains two clauses: We all know and who/whom pulled that prank. We are interested in the second clause because it contains the who/whom. He pulled that prank. Therefore, who is correct. (Are you starting to sound like a hooting owl yet?)
We want to know on who/whom the prank was pulled.
This sentence contains two clauses: We want to know and the prank was pulled on who/whom. Again, we are interested in the second clause because it contains the who/whom. The prank was pulled on him. Therefore, whom is correct.


3 Responses to Great Pyramids of Egypt

  1. loratis says:

    If you, as a interviewee, find yourself speculating about time travel and being one’s own grandfather, I have one word of advice: don’t go there. These interview questions are never about fantasy. There is a solution here; you just have to get past the assumption, the mental blinders that are trapping you. The assumption is that the puzzle starts in AD 1995. Wrong. The puzzle actually is framed before the Common Era, when the pyramids would still have been considered ancient.

    Here We Go: The young man first visited the Great Pyramids in 1995 BC. In 1969 BC, 26 years later, he fulfilled his vow to his son.

  2. Fredy says:

    wow tat wat really gud question and answer…. how many told the correct answers…

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