1. The book is designed for Trainers, Managers, and speakers in all fields.
2. What are the qualification to enroll for a course at Loratis?
3. The house my father own.

Can you identify the common mistakes done in sentence 1, 2 and 3? Many a times nouns are capitalized (bolded alphabet in sentence 1) incorrectly. Nouns are pluralized incorrectly (sentence 2) and the sentences are wordier (sentence 3). It can be concluded from the above examples only proper nouns to be capitalized. Abstract and common nouns when they begin sentences.

A noun is a person, place, thing or idea.

Kinds of Noun

• Common nouns – These can be seen, touched or heard. For example – tree, fruit, chair.
• Abstract nouns – These cannot be seen such as ideas, emotions or qualities. For example – love, birth.
• Proper nouns – These are the names of people, place or things. For example – Rahul, Bangalore, Cola.

Singular to Plural

• Only common nouns can be pluralized.
For examples: city- cities, chair-chairs, wolf-wolves.
• Add s, es, ch, s, sh, x, z, ves to convert singular to plural.
• Some are irregular nouns. For example: equipment – equipment

Formation of concise sentences

• The sentence 3 in the beginning can be written as – My father’s house. Similarly, The life style of Europeans. This can be re-written as – The European’s life style. This shows that the number of words can be cut out by using possessive nouns!

Click the below link to gain hand on experience.

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