Money and Car Puzzle!

1. A consulting firm was once planning to open a new branch in a Bangalore, and advertised for three positions for Accountants. Out of number of applicants the HR Manager selected two and one young men and woman and addressed them in the following way: “Your salaries will begin at the rate of $1,000 per year, to be paid half yearly. If your work is satisfactory, and we will keep you, your salary will be raised. Which one would you prefer, a raise of $150 per year or a raise of $50 every half-year? The first two applicants eagerly accepted the first alternative, but the third applicant, after a moment’s reflection too the second. Why?

2. Nithin drove his nano car 1 mile to the top of nilgiri hills at the rate of 15 miles per hour. How fast must he drive 1 mile down the other side in order to average 30 miles per hour for the whole trip of 2 hours?

Please add your solution at comment section. Good Day!


4 Responses to Money and Car Puzzle!

  1. avinash himanshu says:

    1. more chances of raise in salary when it is a half yearly……
    2. 45 miles per hour

  2. loratis says:

    Thanks Avinash for your solution. I suggest you to re-check your second answer. Please can you mathematical show the first solution. Thanks!

  3. Bhanu Jha says:

    1.In both the cases the applicants will be getting the same amount at the end of the 1st year….for ex-tk 500 as current salary for all of them… first case ,the hike will be 1150 after 1 year…n in second case,in 1st term ,hike will be 550 n then in the next it will be 600….so the total is 1150 which is the same amount as previous…further he/she will be having the advantage of making switch over to other company if possible in between hving got the amount in hand after the 1st term.. this question,it should be 45 miles per hour if the constraint regarding the whole trip of 2 hours hadn’t been specified……but the whole trip of 2 hours along wid the avg. speed of 30 miles per hour is contradicting themseleves….as while moving up he must hv covered the distance in 4 minutes itself as it’s given that he’s moving up at 15 miles/hr..n then in moving down if he’s taking 116 min…..then he’s avg speed cant exceed .52 miles/hour…and all together it doesn’t makes the avg. of 30 miles/hour..

  4. Fredy says:

    1. In this case the 1st and 3rd applicant gets the different amount. The 1st and the 3rd applicant get $1000 and the 2nd applicant gets $1050 at the end of the 1st year. And at the end of the 2nd year both of them getting the same salary of $1150. That’s why the choose wisely.

    2. this question might be wrong. because if the car travels 1 mile at a speed of 15 miles/hr then the time it takes to reach is 4min. And the remaining time left for coming down is 1hr 54min. so there is no chance of average of 30 miles/hr…..

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