Funny Funda!

Today We have two ‘Mystery’ to solve
1. What common mathematical symbol, when placed between the numbers 40 and 50, will result in a number that is greater than 40 but less than 50?
2.You have 26 constants, labeled A through Z. Let A equal 1. The other constants have values equal to the letter’s position in the alphabet, raised to the power of the previous constant. In other words,B(thesecondletter)=2A =2^1 =2,C=3B =3^2 =9,and so on. Find the exact numerical value for this expression:

Dosage for the Day
Squaring Numbers Ending in 5
For example:
35^2 = ?

Separate the 5 from the digits in front. In this case there is only a 3 in front of the 5. Add 1 to the 3 to get 4:
3+1 = 4
Multiply these numbers together:
3*4 = 12
Write 25 (5 squared) after the 12 for our answer of 1,255.

35^2 = 1,225

Now Try for 45^2=?


4 Responses to Funny Funda!

  1. 1. 40.50
    2. zero. because, sice (x-x)=0, the whole product will be zero.

  2. Krithika Santosh says:

    Answer for Q1 – Put a point b/w 40 & 50 to get 40.50 which is >40 & <50
    I can't read the second question as the background is camouflages the letters

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