Art the usage of ‘ARTICLES’

The art of usage of the articles ‘the’, ‘a’ and ‘an’ is an interesting and challenging. There are defined rules and some exceptional as well. Let’s look at the following examples to identify the correct usage of articles –

• I am going to the Loratis Career School to work.
• The India is my home country.
We can clearly see the article ‘the’ is used at inappropriate or placed wrongly. The article ‘the’ has to be placed only before plural proper nouns and specific abstract and common nouns.

Hence the above sentences need to be re-written as

• I am going to Loratis Career School to work.
• India is my home country.

Examples of usage of the article ‘the’ in abstract and common nouns are –

• The horses in the farm are highly social herd animals.
• The assessment test at Loratis Career School was an eye-opener.

Now let us learn the usage of articles ‘a’ and ‘an’-

• Gymnasium is effective way to keep one’s healthy.
It is quite clear from the above example, article ‘an’ is missing before noun ‘effective’. The articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ to be used before singular nouns and no articles before plural or before words life some, many and non-countable nouns (air, love, fun etc).

Remember a right hand thumb rule: ‘a’ is used before consonant sounds, and ‘an’ is used before vowel sounds.

Click the link below to gain hand on experience –

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