Love Me or Hat Me

I borrow this title from a movie song pictured on Dr. Rajkumar (Annavaru) an legendary actor of Kannada Cinema and Karnataka Ratna.

One of my big mistake was feeling more comfortable hating than loving. Because hating has a choice, we tend to focus on it, righteous anger and being righteousness or we can find the opposite of things we hate, and focus on loving more that more. If someone betray us, we focus on how much we hate someone back, or can we think about of people who always loved us, and we thank and honor them. It’s quite common to see the reactions of anger (hate) if Indian cricket team looses. I hope India doesn’t see a day of loosing against Pakistan during any world cup, otherwise this will fuel to more hate rather than love. I was amazed to see the media and critics is glued to issues (brings hate) such Ra.One movie, who is better SRK or AB for KBC? and many others. That energy may be used to appreciate the good you now realize you’re lucky to have.

We might hate people because of mainly broken promises, there is saying ‘A broken promise is like salt pored slowly into an open wound. Like broken glass on bare feet.’ Hate can destroy things and it takes less effort than loving. This can be less fulfilling and more isolating. The people agenda if demands are not met is to go for Strike, Boycott, Ban – these may be attempts to stop something and it good to stop bad things. These activities always make me think – Why not use that energy to go support something good that deserve more love?

Hate and angry criticism is safer to express than love in many cultures. We are confused at times with hate and criticism with love. The home and work place should provide them love, because we are genetically programmed to believe that parents and friends love us. We need to learn a lot from atleast one member from our family (Uncle, Father or Mother) or Pastor or Father (at Church) or teacher – who love openly are the bravest and most positive forces. With changing world, we find many people happy to hate in the open, but the mathematical laws says some interesting story –

Love X Love = Twice Love
Love X Hate = Hate
Hate X Hate = More Hate

I dont say to suppress hate, let hate don’t define your character. If I hate something, I recall a verse from Bible ‘Forgive and You will be Forgiven’ Luke 6:37. This helps me to force myself to look for something opposite traits of that thing I hate and show it some love. These little things has changed my life for better.


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