A Journey of Faith!

I am asked ample a times, Are you theist or atheist? Perhaps my answer is not important here. The question on faith has very public consequence in most cultures. Perhaps we can think of many reasons, ‘Why faith matters?’,and I have faith my thoughts on them that likely to get me in trouble. I may be immature to say if faith is not a choice of many, because we believe what our parents believed. I am not saying this is not fine, but it raises several vital questions – had we believed what everyone in history did, we would be in still Homo sapien (great ape) still trying to understand about the fire. If this not true, then evolution is majorly depended on ‘Religious Faith’ (also known as tradition). We are part of social entity and traditions are responsible for the formation of society, families, cultures and nations. It is evident that there is thin hairline difference between culture and religion, this implies traditions and cultural are entity of religion. We have been doing since ages, what our parents did, from celebration of birthday to mourning of death. There is a strong reason for this, it’s a way for us to connect.

This alarms us a need of separation between culture and religion to explore their own beliefs. A name comes to my mind is Basava (also known as Guru Basava or Basaweshwara) was a philosopher and social reformer. He cared about to explore a new belief, which is scary. We tend to avoid these risks to avoid questions, or to pretend and keep your beliefs to yourself.

Stay tuned to see if Faith can be useful?


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4 Responses to A Journey of Faith!

  1. Krithika S says:

    I wish we could do something to create ‘mute spirituality’ where language, culture, religion, tradition, beliefs, etc could be surpassed and the globe united!
    Whether that is feasible or not, one thing is for sure – we need to know as much as we can practice in daily life. The way I look at it is, with our family culture as a base, we can incorporate ethnic beliefs/practices as long as they don’t confound us. Because it is only on a base a structure is built. While each one’s tolerance differs, it is up to us to adopt & adapt.
    Learning is infinite but our lifespan is short. So, we can learn & follow cross-cultural beliefs without losing our centredness, for, once lost, it takes immense toil to regain oneself and is sometimes impossible too!
    While the West is going oriental in terms of spirituality, a search for ‘something’ must have begun. It is also true that we are turning to West, but it may be because we feel inferior to other cultures.
    But I appreciate people experimenting with their beliefs coz it strenghtens their faith or otherwise and ressurects them with a profound gratitude for their lives.
    Great Day!!!

    • loratis says:

      Yes, I agree that westerns are in search for something. I have witnessed in Europe that they have strong faith or belief in Indian culture. Perhaps faith is transferred at all stages correctly.

  2. George Hege says:

    Where did you get the photo for “A Journey of Faith”? Is it copyrighted?

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