‘Are Women more perceptive than Men?’- An ability to read body language

We are caught ample times by our mother’s for not saying truth to times. This to say someone is quite receptive about others. This is nothing but an ability to read other’s body language and compare the same with the verbal signals. Both these seems to contradict to each other.I recall a beautiful friend of mine, after each internal assessment test she used say,”My test went horrible, I hope to pass’. But her facial expression, smile and confidence contradicted to the fact of scores. She was doing it more or less to catch everyone’s attention.

For the first five minutes of my sessions, I see how many of the students have chin down and arms crossed in their chest. If I find few, thats feeling given to me – the sessions is not going across well. I would realize the same and change the sessions to get their involvement.

Overall, women are more perceptive than men, it is commonly termed as ‘Women’s intuition’. They have inherent ability to pick up and decipher non-verbal signals with a great ability of attention to minor details. This is why very few hubby (Husband) can lie and get away with it, and conversely the women can pull wool over a man’s eyes without realizing it. Movie like Jism (Bipasha Basu, John A), Aitraz (Priyanka C, Akshay Kumar and Kareena K) and Murder (Mallika S, Emraan H) are some of the example of women being more perceptive than men.

An interesting research was done at Harvard by showing a movie with sound turned off, a short film of a man and woman communicating, to group of women and men. They were asked to asked to decode the conversation, it was found that women read the situation 87% accurately in comparison of 42% by men. Men from artistic type (acting and nursing) did nearly as well as the women. This intuition is evident in women who have raised children, as they spend few years with child with non-verbal signals. It doesn’t surprise me any more ‘why women are hired for many good position?’ because of their perceptive negotiation ability over men because they practice reading signals early.


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4 Responses to ‘Are Women more perceptive than Men?’- An ability to read body language

  1. Krithika S says:

    Well, is there a way out without reading the body language of others?
    Definitely not, coz if we don’t, we may become termed as ‘pakau’ and get dumped in social gatherings when people go on and on without realizing the plight of the listener. It may not be the same in an office environment though, mainly coz, professionalism has to be displayed even with the most ‘pakau’ colleague. Often, I’ve observed that we can turn the situation around with humour and don’t have to get bored of overtalkers (sorry if this word doesn’t exist but I’d still like to use it). ‘Humour dilutes boredom’ giving a vent to our expression of annoyance over prosaics. It works better if humour is contained within the norms of social acceptance. Else, it boomerangs back to us!

  2. shyba says:

    Day to day experiences…..learning is so good!!!:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    kinda liked what you have written . it just is not that easy to discover great stuff to read (you know really READ and not simply going through it like a zombie before going to yet another post to just ignore), so cheers man for really not wasting my time on the god forsaken internet. 🙂

  4. pozycjonowanie warszawa says:

    Hello, i can see that you are a really great blogger.

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