A Mother to her Son: Good & Bad Kind of People

I was moved by the liner in ‘My Name is Khan’ movie starred by Shahrukh Khan & Kajol directed by Karan Johar. Young SRK is being told by her mother(Zarina Wahab) ‘Duniya Mein Do Tharake Logo Rehta Hai (there are two kind of people in this world)’ – Good people and Bad people. I am sure many of us learnt similar things from our mother. My mother taught me – Good people simplify things for the betterment and Bad people make them complex. I realized this over a time and I present some of my observations.

Complexifiers are bent upon on making things more complex (like my sentence at moment). They tend to reject ideas, until buried in layers of issues. I have seen receiving long emails or phone calls for nothing to discuss topics. I was amazed at seeing people trying to solve problems such as (100-100)/(10-10) = 20?, they like to play with it, showcase their talent and pleasure in creating the complexity (10-10)(10+10)/(10-10) = 20. It is an indication of feeling pride of consuming more space, time and patience than needed, and a reward will be in mind.

Simplifiers believe in ‘a neatly short and concise expressive style’. Any complex tasks they will simplify, report and re-interpret to achieve by simple means. They find ways to communicate complex ideas in laymen terms by keep the essence of the message.

It looks like an interesting study to explore further more about complexifiers and simplifiers and reasons to become so. Don’t you think all the best directors(Ramesh Sippy), writers(Chetan Bhagat), Actor(Rani Mukherji – Black movie), philosophers(Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and teachers fit into the simplifier group? I would write more about this opinion, but then I would be making things more complex than necessary. And if you still want to raise issues or debate, we both know which kind of person you are.

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4 Responses to A Mother to her Son: Good & Bad Kind of People

  1. Rajen Kapur says:

    If you overly simplify something which is anyhow very simple, for instance life, you are simply being stupid, in one word.

  2. Anantha Sekar says:

    Mahabaratha did not look appear to be a simple story. Not when I first read it, and not when I read it again more recently for my daughter. I am sure that says something about the author of Mahabaratha, or myself, or your definition of what good people do. What I am not sure about is exactly what it says….

    • loratis says:

      Thanks for your points! It takes me back to school days of watching Mahabharatha at D.D.1. We should appreciate the way the story was narrated that it touched very common person. I am saying about that simplicity.

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