Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai?

The title sound like a soap opera title. There are certain words such as ‘on’, ‘in’, ‘at’ and others shows relationship between –
a. A verb and a noun
b. A verb and a pronoun
c. One noun and another noun
d. An adjective and a noun

We hope by now you have guessed it right. We are discussing about Preposition.
Ex: They are standing(verb) on a roof(noun)

Sometimes are prepositions are placed at the end though most of the time they are placed in between the words they relate to –
Ex: What are you looking for?

Kinds of Prepositions
a. Phrase prepositions: A group of words can also be used as preposition.
Ex: with reference to, inspite of, by means of ….

b. Participal Prepositions: They are having -ing forms of verbs.
Ex: regarding, considering, pending …

c. Compound Prepositions: Two sounds while pronouncing.
Ex: into, between, among, upon, besides …

d. Simple Prepositions: One sound while pronouncing.
Ex: at, by, for, in …

Key: Prepositon are not used after the word’s "last", "next" and "this".
Ex: Ramesh met JoJo last Sunday.
I will not go to Delhi this year.
(Never say-"on last Sunday"/"in this year. etc )

Practice – Exercise


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