Know Your CAPITAL and M-a,r:k;s’!

Neither we are not talking about capital of country nor marks obtained in an examination, but we are talking about usage of capital letters and punctuation marks
(C , : ; – ‘ !).

Sometimes a mere comma any change the meaning of a sentence if it is placed in the wrong place.

Lets sbserve the two sentences given below and compare their meaning.
"Marry him not, kill him"
"Marry him, not kill him"
The first sentence says "kill him" and the second sentences says "marry him".

Use Capital Letter
a. To begin a sentence.
b. To begin every line of a poem
c. To begin all pronouns and proper adjectives
Ex: India – Indian
d. For the word "God", "Lord" and its reference like "He" etc….
e. To write the pronoun "I"
f. For writing tittles, initials, abbreviations, degrees etc…
Ex : B.E., M.B.B.S., U.N.O., Dr

Use of an apostrophe : To create a possessive of a singular or plural noun.
Ex: 1. Dhiraj’s cricket skills. (the skills belong to Dhiraj)
2. The girls’ outfits were pretty. (the outfits belonging to more than one girl)

Apostrophes are used to create contractions
Ex: 1. they+are = they’re
2. who+is = who’s
3. it+is = it’s

Use of colons

: Are simple to use when a test of items is to follow.
Ex: I went to store and bought some groceries such as: milk, butter, cheese, and bread.

Semicolons: Are used to separate two parts of a list when the individual parts include commas.
Ex: In order to do well in school you must; study on daily basis, pay attention in class, and make sure that you seek extra help.

Semicolons are also used to connect two parts of a compound sentence when you are not using a conjunction such as ‘and’ or ‘but’ to connect two parts.
Ex: I want to go swimming; I don’t want to get my hair wet.


A comma is used to separate a group of three or more words in a list of series.
Ex: I bought apples, cherries, and strawberries at the store.

Commas are used in dates to separate the day of the week, the month and date, and the year
Ex: Monday, June 5, 2003

Commas are used to group three or more common words.
Ex: I jumped, climbed, and ran at park.

Commas are used when proper nouns such as – name of the city and state or a city and province
Ex: Toronto, Ontario Miami, Florida

Practice – Exercise


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