Talk and Click – Marvelous Gift

Do you feel left out in an conversation many a times? Do you find it difficult to talk to people? Do you know what interests others? and so on. The most interesting subject in the world to anyone is ‘THEMSELVES!’ I have made a keen observation that while you talk about themselves they become deeply interested and utterly fascinated. This can give a good feel factor of the conversationalist. This is also a right attitude of rubbing them the right way. This can happen by removing these four words from your dictionary of thoughts or life – ‘ I, Me, My, Mine’ and substitute with a word ‘You’. I agree that it is hard to do and it does take lot of practice, but the rewards for you make it well worth it.

Another good way is to talk on peoples’ interest in themselves in conversation and you would see miracles. You would find that people are interested in themselves than about any other subject. I would challenge that people will like you very much. A few simple questions such as –

How is your brother, Raghunath?

Did you enjoy your trip, Sreeram?

How is your daughter, Savitha?

The effectiveness can be brought on others by avoiding and talking about ourselves. It is how your listeners like them. This is take away for you, ‘Talk and Click’ to make new friends and grow a healthy relationship. I am sure you will become a most interesting conversationalist!


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!


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