‘Real You’ – Choice or Chance

I believe that the more you know better about yourself, the better the career choices are likely to be. It is sensible to know where one to reach in this competitive world. An irrational or unscientific thought can become a chance and career’s retakes are costly affair.

you-have-a-choice  Loratis Scientific Tools has a scientific basis,  relating characteristics to career success. Some might have strong argument on these tools, that these tools do no correspond with a career you believe would suit you, we trust you will not give up your own aspirations. These tools/test/assessment will provoke your own thinking about your own characteristics, its not a check of Pass or Fail.

Many industries, businesses, PSU’s, business schools and so on use these reports to assess the candidates or understand the person-culture and person-work fitment. One can’t avoid them and this being the case, there is every reason to ‘Know Yourself’. The obvious way to start is to break down the any fears one has about the ‘assessment’ situation. The more better one knows about him/herself, the less likely to underperform or give an impression of yourself that is not the ‘real you’. One has to put him/herself clearly before the assessor during any career stages. These assessments will help individuals and organisations to reduce the risks attached to loosing a job, starting a best career and hiring or developing people who turn out to be unsuitable. As we are aware that financial + emotional costs attached to wrong decisions on employment can be considerable. Anything that will increase the probability success of success will be taken seriously by organisations and career oriented people should take a note of it.

Many people  write or meet us to understand their career was a –choice or chance. What do you want to do?

Loratis assist you to

  •   know your fitment for job selection
  • performance at work
  • to increase personal effectiveness
  • to work effectively with others

Contact us for an appointment : info@loratis.co.in or 91-9916 996 861.


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!



About Loratis Institute

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