Do it until you get it right!

Part IX

A scene from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, where Shahrukh Khan is waiting for Rani Mukherjee at zebra crossing. He sees Preity Zinta and Rani walk towards him. Karan Johar took 108 re-takes to get it right. That’s pretty much how I feel about interviews. One has to keep auditioning until it is right. Technical skills along with finer elements such as  fingernails clean,  hair combed, shone shined,  appropriate attire, smile and enthusiasm, it goes a long way.  These things overtake even technical skills were par from behavioral skills at times.  

The following series will describe some games companies play in ‘Job Interview’, it is a exhausting  and unnatural ritual. There are some suggestions to deal with them.

1.  Weigh your words and action – Answer to precise for commonly asked questions, make a closed answer  for open questions (if needed). It is wise to make a statement, support it, summarize it and then shut up. For example, in answer to the Paheli question “What was your reaction to your boss disagreeing?” you could say, “With my boss during approval for a workshop.” You’d  would support that statement : “His approach was unrealistic, and I told him so.” And summarize, “So we strongly agreed to disagree.” Then shut up.

2. Say and use right words – In response to questions (illegal) family, gender etc, you could say, “If you are asking if I’ll be available to work in nights or weekends, or if I’m willing to travel, the answer is “Yes”. This can impress the interviewer because of the substance and style.

3. Uncontrollable factors – Anxiety, is seen commonly because of out of work, or desperate to seek a job. Why wouldn’t you feel nervous? Telling you to relax before an interview is like telling you to relax before a root canal. I have seen Loratis technical panels are good are making this uncontrollable factor to controllable one. It is important for one to understand the behavior under pressure. I would suggest one to practice in advance, use a professional to help you to prepare for thee interview; record your answers; and watch the tape.


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!


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