Clues or Clueless – A Judgment!

Part VIII – Rosy Picture

The article is dedicated to one of my very close client  and friend Ranbhir. The article is evolved after three weeks discussion. Ranbhir finds easy to get a call for interviews and cracking is like breaking tip of ice berg. Recently, he had many offers and challenge was decide which on to take up. Most interviewers sold the job profile, once they identified he is a potential candidate.

The challenge in such situation to identify a better fitment. The following analysis will give some insight to zero down a offer from a pool of offers. Dr. Bell is well known for his observation and deduction. He would dip a finger into a foul-smelling liquid and then put his finger into his mouth in class, and he would instruct his students to do the same. As the students grimaced, Dr. Bell would point out that while he had placed his index finger into the awful brew, it was his middle finger that found its way to his mouth.

Office parking lot, space, floors, walls, paintings, nameplates, receptionists, operators etc will send a different message. Be clear about what you want. For example, if you want a fast pace and advancement, look at the ages of executives. If you want a hierarchy, look for those reserved parking places and nameplates. If you want a bottoms-up organization, see if the receptionist treats the president just like everyone else. Such clues will tell you a lot about a company, and much more than one will learn from a sale pitch by an interviewer.

‘I was confused about my career. Clutter to Clarity (C2C) helped in getting a solution to Find My True North. Discussions with Dr.Nandkishore Rathi and Mr. Santosh gave me confidence. They helped me in finding out the right direction about my career and gave me an idea about ‘What to do next’. Now, I think I had made a wisest decision in my life by taking career counseling from Loratis. Because, in Loratis for every problem, there is a solution.’ – Fahad M, Accountant, Abu Dhabi


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School


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2 Responses to Clues or Clueless – A Judgment!

  1. Junhie says:

    Here, I read it too.

    Where do you get these articlses .. kkk

    Just joke, I know you are a such guy. ^^;

    Take care always your helth and mind, and sometime pray for me too. !!

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