Job Train is Delayed: Initial call could be a final call?

Part VII – Uncertainties!


I shall discuss and take you through two aspects in Part VII –

* Firstly, Initial Phone call – To fix an appointment, some interviewers have general telephonic call (non-functional discussion). One might inform you about the time, venue, and documents to carry. The job aspirant should present professional image  (no humor stuff), to avoid getting screened out before the interview. One should provide a image of enthusiastic and accommodating, and devote your full attention to the call. The interviewer is crossing checking, whether you are flexible to work late some days, attentive (if job demands) and so forth. There may be candidates good at knowledge and uncomfortable on phone (assuming that the position is not related to high telephone usage – operator) – let your interviewer know that. During my stay at Europe, attending any personal call is not seen positive. People would give a number and time to talk. I could see honesty in their work approach and it is always appreciated.

* Secondly, Unexpected change in Interview Schedules – Uncertainties in an organizations are high and changes are very common. Such changes may also have a hidden agenda. Be flexible. A change in plan is also tells one, the interviewer can ask more than most questions in an interview. I  shall narrate you to an incident on importance of ‘Be flexible’ (and how uncertainties come on the way). I was at a International conference to present paper on a research topic. The topic had created lot of curiosity and less than forty minutes before my session. I learnt from one of the coordinator, .ppt file is not supported by Windows 2003. I had used 2007 version with animations to demonstrate the proto-type model. 2007 version was very new to many during those days. I coordinated with the official members, re-worked on the slides, thought process and modified some part of presentation. I remained calm and kept my smile on face all time. After the presentation, few people (including people with whom I coordinated) walked upto me, ‘We are sorry for technical problems and we thank you for motivating us’. The organizer looked up to me, ‘Our team members felt motivated because of your flexibility, calm nature and smile.’ Thank you for joining us. I thanked them in turn for assisting me.

Today’s TV serial directors and producers handle uncertainties very easily. If one looks back to the ‘K’ soap serials of well known producer Ekta Kapoor. She managed to change a character or moved for a foreign trip or killed the character to keep the interest level of audience. She demonstrate a high level of flexibility in her approach to work and one of the best example to handle uncertainties.    

Anytime one gets a choice to demonstrate your flexibility to one’s (potential) employer – Just Do it! A change in schedule and if you are meeting a higher level executive than originally planned is a clear indication that one is doing well.


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!


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