A Last or Lost Opportunity – Know Your Organization

Do Your Homework – Part II


Shahrukh  Khan, is an Indian film actor and a prominent Bollywood figure. He has won seven filmfare awards and other prestigious awards from govt of India and oversea bodies. SRK (nick name) is known for his witty comments, high energy levels, commitment and more are well known to most of his fans. But less known is SRK preparation for his movies.

Like SRK, one’s preparations should being long before the hiring game-plan kicks off. The first series (Part II) how best to work you way into good companies (Heaven), while leaving the bad – ugly (Hell) for others. Adaptation of these (series/part) will help one to identify if recruited for Heaven or Hell. It is not to question the chef, how he cooked (preparation) his dish? Tasty (Offer) or not tasty (rejected) is an indicator.

I shall take you all back to school days. Once we are back home, a quick snacks, play and sit down for ‘home work’. Yes, ‘Home Work’, it was part of system. This must have lost with due course of time. In one of recently interaction with a close friend of mine Mr. Siddaram Patil, Chief Operations Officer, Lavisa Infrastructure Limited on important factors one considers for buying a plot. The top three factors are location, location and location. In the similar analogy for job interview is preparation, preparation and preparation. This can be achieved by research, research and research.

Dr. Nanda Kumar, Director of Anveshana , Bangalore  says, I’m keen in discussing and exploring with someone researched about our organization, our clients, our competitors and lateral thinking to the problems/issues, apart from one’s skill sets, knowledge and capability to perform. One has to bring essence and meaning to the roles and tasks. It is commonly heard, ‘I am interested working for your organization’. Does this sound a better fitment for Heaven?

Let me bring you two important and significant examples on preparation. Year 2007, I was associated with IISc, Bangalore placement cell. One of student Mr. Bhargav was in constant touch with me on his research and preparation (dress code, resume, GD, Interview, Project Information) for a well-known world famous oil company. He had researched the organization financial documents, offices across world, roles and responsibilities apart from technical, aptitude and soft skills. Do you think he stood out from the competition? You bet.

Another example, Ashwin (former Yahoo! India employee) says that, a thorough preparation before applying is vital. He made a list of bracket companies suits for his roles. He discussed with people working in the respective organization. He says, ‘Opportunity may not knock the door again’.

  • Both researched the organization and other major websites for current stories on the company.
  • They approached to people associated with the organizations.
  • Understood the role and responsibilities from the prospective of key competitors.

The information gathered over months were used at  different interview stages/ rounds, and then were hired for respective organizations. The one who does preparation, preparation and preparation may be termed as ‘’The Perfectionist’. S/he tend to be reasonable, responsible and respectable. S/he possess high attention to detail.


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

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