Which is my True North? (Many firm job offer)

At Loratis, we come across job aspiring people, having multiple firm job offers. All one need to do is decide which offer to accept. Does this sound simple?

Each offer has its positivity in certain domains. One has to weigh many factors before moving in a direction. The challenge to trade off some components to take a final call.


We bring out some important components that are to be considered to find one’s True North!

(Not in the order*)

  1. No Man’s Land : Location is  something one has to ponder over. This is associated with personal, geographical, political and social issues. Distance of commutation to work place and cost towards to it.
  2. Size matters? : One has to trade off between large or small (SMEs) wagon. There will be uncertain and simulated environment in both wagon, later might have more.
  3. Ocean of opportunities : We have come across people wanting to get a challenging role. It reminds of an example of Prof. Satish (Professor, HVE, IISc,Bangalore) saying- While he was pursuing Ph.D. at IISc,Bangalore, his guide took three years to allow him to handle the instrument for research work. This bring a magnitude of trust building, confidence in a person to handle the task independently. It takes two plus years for one to understand all the business units, functionalities, operational activities etc. There will be ample room to initiate and create opportunities for career progression. One has to identify what is the scope provided. Don’t compare your talents with others. ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’. Just do your best.
  4. One minute manager : A feel factor of  good working relationship is vital with the manager. This is a good reflection to one’s career progression. As Dr. Nandkishore Rathi, CNO, Loratis Career School  says – ‘Career has to be chosen from passion, not fashion’. A better clarity about manager can be perceived with or during multiple interaction during interviews or over cup of coffee.
  5. Money Plus Benefits = Honey : One deserves to get salary based on skills and experience. Additional benefits such as bonus, insurance (health and home) etc., is like ‘A blessing in disguise’
  6. The another challenge is to understand the fitment-culture. What is this? How one identifies it?
  • What is the individual image at work?
  • What are the motivating factors to keep one alive at work?
  • How an individual perform at work and under pressure?

Many working professional and job aspirants undergo Clutter to Clarity : Young Professional at Loratis to identify True North! Contact us for further information on assessment.

(Keep tuned with us to hear from our Loratis family members)

Does it sounds simple now to find your True North?


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!



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