Solutions to Interview Management

Third Series

The major problems in an interview management are as follows :

  • Insufficient Time Devoted to Measurement – One has to spend adequate time to measure the candidate. The problem associated to this is may be the interviewer often does most of the talking. Interviewers like to talk about things with which they are comfortable. This clears that typical interviewer need to prepare and train on how to measure performance rather than being in a comfort zone (PR) or (RJP). This may result in relying on general or personal impressions for the decision and on unfocused interviews.
  • Inconsistent, Misleading Messages or Contradictory – Multiple interviewers are expected to carry a consistent PR message. Organizations have to define their objectives for interviewing through PR and learn to manage the PR message. Otherwise a single applicant will receive different PR message may be inconsistent, contradictory or misleading. Interviewers should take a note here, that they required to identify if these messages interest the candidate. Otherwise the organization has not only lost an prospective employee, it has also created a negative image that may hurt future recruiting efforts.
  • Redundant Interviews -  There are series of back-to-back interviews for a applicant. Applicants are expected to hear some PR, but they don’t need to hear the same message from multiple sources. Similarly for RJP as well. Redundant interviews send a negative message about the organization.

What impression do the applicant carry if the same generic questions are asked?

What impression would you form if you experienced this process?


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North! 


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