Interview – Accurate, PR, RJP?

Second Series

Often a question arises out of each interviewee and interviewer that; was the interview process successful? I am sure this uncertain element can be seen and heard by many of us. The whole interview process is measurable and this requires defining a goal(s). Many a times an interview tend to become a mere conversation and lacks the goal. How does one set goals? An interviewers should not try to bite too much in a single interview and need to check if they are realistic. The following dimensions would help to set goals –

  • Accurate measurement of candidates Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Aptitude to perform the tasks at work place.
  • Influence the potential applicant by selling the positive features of the job and the organization.
  • Assist the applicant in making appropriate job decision by providing realistic job profile.

Let’s look into more details of these dimensions –

Accurate Measuring : An interview process is a test for an interviewer and interviewee. Most interviewers would probably  agree that they want the interview process to be a test of whether the candidate can effectively perform the job. At moment, let me conclude that accurate measurement is unlikely to occur unless interviewers realize that their interview goals should focus  on their likes and dislikes but on what is need to be a good employee.

Public Relations : HR professionals try to paint positive picture of a position and an organization to persuade candidates to choose their organization. This is often referred as Public Relations (PR). This influence is good as long as can do the job. This is  a good indicator that recruiter need to define different strategies to attain these separate goals. These strategies can achieved by making accurate measurements (Objective, Unbiased interviewer, Evidence to job skills and others) and a influencer (salesperson).

Realistic Job Preview : Most interviewers also try to provide realistic job information to the potential applicant to help them make the decision about joining the organization. This balanced view consists of challenges during the job, inter-departmental issues, working hours, travel etc. This is important for an interviewer to do so rather than just painting positive picture, to help the candidate achieve success. This helps the organization to hire and retain the candidate. This will also help the applicant to manage the challenges if hired or joined.

I am sure you would found the above facts to be interesting and would like to hire a good employee. Now it is important that, we need to realize how much time to spend on these goals? If you calculate for each of these, you would surprised to see there is hardly anytime to devote for accurate measurement. Although this is the most glaring problem, other problems typically occur when interviewers do not manage the interviewing process effectively.  Stay tuned with us to understand the problems of interview management in next series.


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

-Find Your True North!


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2 Responses to Interview – Accurate, PR, RJP?

  1. sanjeev kumar.b.m says:

    this was awesome man…….

    thanking u


  2. Junhie says:

    HI ~read it .. ^^;

    I hope I will use it for my next interview. 🙂

    Manythanks santosh.

    From Junhie. 🙂

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