Great People Change Lives

Earn people

Sixth Series

This article is adaptation from Larry Diangi an inspiring orator and known for his inspirational talks. It was interesting to read, observe, understand and know about successful as well as passionate people. A curious question is, what kind of people helped them to be successful? Yes, it is very true that, if anyone wants to be successful in any chosen area of career, one must place themselves in the presence of people who are motivating, inspiring and manifesting the dream to a reality. It’s a good old saying, ‘People tend to become like the people with whom they spend the most time.’ I learnt one important thing from my father, ‘Earn people and rest is assured.’ I have seen this working in his life and I see the reflection in my personal life as well. One could spend many years at one of the best universities for studies but spending time with the master is just as crucial. I completely agree with Larry’s view – ‘Sometimes knowledge gained while in the presence of a great person is more valuable than what you learn on your own, and knowledge that is “caught” while in their presence can be just as valuable as that which is deliberately taught.

Passionate people have ideas, in this context; I would like to mention one of my friend Sreeram works for a company (Transwitch). His idea helped to save million dollars for his organization. The success behind this is; his extent of working as layperson in research laboratory with his senior’s, has helped him. As one spends time with great people, one’s activity will become contagious. This also refers to networking with people (contacts and connections). This goes well with the saying, “Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know, that matters”.

I have spent nearly three years with many students from IISc, Bangalore. I have seen them utilizing their time efficiently and achieve success. By spending time with them, it has taught me a big deal. Many former IIScians (Raghunath, Ashwin, Kapil, Prashanth, Sandeep, Ambresh to name few) are successful in their career because they have learnt two things –

é The art of giving more to others and they receive more.

é Choosing their words and cautions reply.

The last thing is associations with extraordinary people. I am glad to be associated with many extraordinary people during campus hiring at IISc, Bangalore. One of the person is Dr. Nandkishore Rathi, a brief association with him has turned me into a working professional at Loratis Career School. First, I knew there was a connection, a reason I needed to be in Dr. Rathi’s presence. Second, I believe in his knowledge and message. Third, I had accepted the principle that; Earn people and rest is assured. He is a live example demonstrate over and over again that his motivation comes from within. I would like to end the sixth series with a note from my high school teacher (Sister Victoria), ‘If money is needed to resolve our problems, then we really don’t have problems’. Those words changed me completely.

Identify  great people for your life.


Santosh A

Sr.  Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

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One Response to Great People Change Lives

  1. Kapil says:

    Very true! Earn people and rest is assured! The most important factor to be successful in corporate life is one’s ability to deal with people.

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