Know Your Personality: A key to success

clutter to clarity

Fourth Series

It is interesting to read, listen, hear and admire about passionate people. This leaves out with many questions unanswered. How does anyone go about the inner call? What it takes to complete the incomplete passion cycle? There are many factors and some of major factors are discussed –

Simple living and high thinking, an old saying and its first major stumble block to go ahead with passion. This is reflected in many successful people such as Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy (Chief mentor of Infosys). In order to recognize the inner call, one has to be flexible. In wouldn’t be wise to follow the passion blindly. One needs to bring the clarity from clutter ideas or feel of passion. This career horoscope will bring out the strengths, limitations and personality of a person. Negligence in determination of strengths and limitations of many talented people has seen the failure. Well known personalities and organizations have delivered according to the audience wants. Recent examples are launch of Nano car and Karan Johar’s movie ‘My Name is Khan’.

It’s the journey to success that makes you what you are when you reach your destination than the destination itself. Therefore, it’s not enough to only have a goal in life but you must also think of the means to attain it. There can be many ways or approaches to your goal. The mantra to attain your goal with least fatigue and enjoy every action of yours is to find the approach that suits your requirements i.e. values, interest & skill set the most.

To understand this point let’s look at this example, Sita and Gita are friends and both want to top the class 12th board examination. Though their goals are same, they differ in the approach. While Sita learns fast through group studying and discussing topics with others, Gita learns quickly when she sits and study by herself, solve question papers and refers different books. If Gita instead of studying on her own joins Sita in group studies, at the end of the day, she would feel she had wasted her time, mentally fatigued & will not have moved closer to her goal. She is also not enjoying the process of learning, i.e. the path she has chosen to attain her goal. Thus determining your path to attain the goal is as important as knowing where your passion is and setting your goal in life.

I would like to introduce a friend of mine, Virendra Reddy. A hard and meticulous worker and perfectionist in each tasks. His one of the best ability is self-exploration, to achieve this he goes a mile extra to find his passion. I would like to bring a point here, we might find some portions of job to be very exciting and some could be nerve breaking.

Career counseling will help you know your aptitude, skill set and strengths. Thus providing you all the material to make your journey smooth & enjoyable and ensure immense satisfaction on attainment on your goal.

Santosh A and Bhavana Nyalkalkar


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4 Responses to Know Your Personality: A key to success

  1. Ashwin says:

    Gud one,

    sometimes what i feel is even if the path to the destination suits my requirements, it may not help me in reaching destination like a bee, struggling hard to get our of the window doesnt know that it cannot cross the window glass, but it never gives up even if that path hurts. ultimately we need to work hard like a bee but smart like a bed bug.

  2. Poorti says:

    quite interesting article

  3. True to the core…..knowingly or unknowingly in your article you have strengthened the findings of Vroom’s Expectancy Theory…..but, i just want to know what if the path which you think is the best but to others it doesn’t seem to be right, in such a case what a person should do …??should he rethink and find some other path or, because he understands his passion better than others, he should move ahead according to what he feels is right.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Abhimanyu Sodhi

  4. Bhavana Nyalkalkar says:

    Good Observation Abhimanyu,
    Depending on your personality type, specifically your focus – internal or external you would either feel satisfied by continuing on the same path or change the path in order to please the significant others in your life respectively. Once you have decided your path based on your skills, interest and values, changing the path based on others perception about the same would reflect lack of belief in ones decisions. On the other hand if the change is in favor of quick goal attainment is appreciated.

    Ashwin, thank you for the interesting example to clarify your point. The bee here is unaware of the glass. Glass is a part of the environment in which it has to follow the action plan according the path (best chosen and in alignment with your interest, skills and values) and perform. Thus awareness about the environment is as important as self awareness in determining the path to your goal if one wants to achieve it with least effort and in least time.

    Bhavana Nyalkalkar

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