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One of the common questions people ask me in a conversation is, ‘What business you in?’ The answer comes quickly, ‘I am in the people business.’ Whether it is to sell clothes, food, computers or medical treatment, we are all in people business. In other words, everything we do for a living gets done with people. In interaction with many students and specifically good sales person the measure of success is revenue or units sold. I am glad to meet very few, who indifferent and look for customer satisfaction.

A sale can be termed as an event, but a satisfied customer is a relationship. It endures and grows over time, producing in the process not a single event, but many: repeat sales from customer and, through favorable word of mouth, sales from other customers. This can be clear seen in a Yash Chopra movie Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year, a character played by Ranbir Kapoor. The character does justices as a best salesman by creating values and ethics – Customer Satisfaction. There is a good deal of learning – whether someone is trying to seek a job or selling a job. One major area of concern for fresher’s and experienced job hunters miss opportunity being in one of the best organizations is, his/ her focus is entirely on him/her self and what s/he wants. As for what s/he offers, it is nothing at all: the absence of experience and a deficiency of confidence. It is not surprising to see many getting rejected.

The path for successful salesman is performance and there is no other substitute. But performance isn’t enough. Salesman should be prepared and have hope for a Big Break, times it might go unrecognized and unrewarded. Your achievement needs to be sold with the promise of even greater performance to come.

I am sure many want to learn the art of cracking their jobs, choosing a right course (MBA specialization), what next after 10th/ 12th std, what is stored for a working professionals? Are you looking for a solutions to all these issues/problems, contact Loratis Career School to clarify all your unanswered questions on career.

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  1. Junhie says:

    Thank you .. I read well.

    I hope to see that movie.

    Could you send me ? ^^;

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