Why Good Candidates Are Rare Than Ever?


The uncertain business environment, complexity in job demands (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Aptitude) and limited interface between institute and industry has impacted the economy of many companies. Increasing technology requirements for most jobs are barriers for many fresh graduates; as many fail to develop these skills because of some of the above and many other factors. The fundamental questions of defining the kind of industry/companies need to begin career isn’t clear or unknown. In past years I have noticed that interviews are taken for granted by students and institutions tag lines are taken as a selling point. It has become rare to find a candidate with widen outlook and usage of think power. To bring more insight to widen your outlook, we all look through some kind of mental visibility (glasses), beyond the ones that are actually to correct visions. It is worth to tell a story to understand this aspect – A father gave his young son a telescope (one of those kinds that extends used by sailors) on the occasion of his tenth birthday. The son found and complained his father of no-usefulness of it. The son felt every object is too small with telescope and can better see without it. The father smiled. Of course, the boy was looking through the wrong end. He was not getting the big picture at all because he had the narrow outlook through the glass. The father widened the son’s outlook by gently turning it. The boy grew up to discover the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and the mountains on our own moon. I am sure readers know whom I am talking about – World’s foremost astronomer of his day ‘Galileo’.

In the same way of individual’s work life job barriers have to be seen through bigger widen outlook to find the appropriate solutions. In order to achieve this feat ‘Plan, Prepare and Practice’ is a vital formula. It is rare to see “womb-to-tomb” mentality of employees and employer loyalty in a single organization till the age of retirement. This can be attributed to uncertain in job requirements, high expectation /productivity, downsizing and restructuring to cut labor costs and employees hop jobs more frequently. The challenge for employer is to retain the good employee, because of moving more often from job to job.


Santosh A

Sr. Business Navigator

Loratis Career School

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