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Which Resume Will Change Your Fate?
(Loratis Career School will announce workshops in a week’s time)

The daunting task for many is ‘How to write a resume?’ In order to get out of bad situation into a better one a solid resume is first step.

Step 1: Provide your contact details
Step 2: List your work history
Step 3: Brief summary
Step 4: Customize based on the job requirements
Step 5: Format the work experience
Step 6: List educational qualification
Step 7: List personal information
Step 8: References
Step 9: Resume check list

Did you know on average, for every 200 resumes reviewed; only one interview is granted. Ten to 20 seconds the whole time is you have to convince a potential employer about it, read it.

Do you like to learn to write an impressive resume?
Does anybody really every tell YOU how you are doing in YOUR job search?
Would you like to discover new things about yourself?
Would like to learn new skills and techniques to crack the interview?
Would you like to master momentum and focus?
Would you like to find direction and solutions?
Would you like to gain a competitive advantage?
Would you like to improve performance and get results?
Would you like to achieve success and empowerment?

Attention: Would you want to be in employers’ radar to get an interview call?
Announcement: If your answer is yes, look out for more space.
Loratis Career School will announce workshops in a week’s time

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  1. faisal says:

    u have good systems
    really appreciated

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