Evoid e-words on resume
The one of the critical reasons many applicants do not receive a call is due the – words! The wisely chosen words and arrangements of them make a winning resume. There is a difference in using these words in an interview and on cover letter and resume.

 Resume does not necessarily to have complete sentences.

 Avoid usage of some nouns, pronouns, and adjectives.

 Do not use less frequently used or difficult vocabulary to impress your employers.

 Choose words wisely from the job description.

 Avoid misspelling, bad English, and poor vocabulary.

 Avoid uncommon symbols, nonsensical verbs.

 Avoid personality negative words, for example aggressive.

 Avoid projection of anxiety.

 B2B, back end, front end and end to end are commonly used by IT, BPOs and call centers sectors. These terminologies to be avoided on resume until and unless mentioned in an advertisement.

 Area of interest and expertise are completely two different words. One should know the one to choose on resume.

 Avoid people person instead demonstrate them through skills such as leadership skills, customer centric skills etc.

 Avoid create attention by usage of words such as sex. It is used in personal information by many applicants. This is not the kind of attention needed on resume.

 Avoid transitional words and phrases such as additional, finally, naturally, emphasis etc.

Quote for the post: Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises – Demosthenes

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