The One Minute Interview


To crack the one minute campus interview, students should acquire skills to deal with their individual behaviors. A caution one step at a time is needed to face and crack this challenge. A detailed script and designing of interview preparations needed to crack ‘The One Minute Interview’.

The approach to the one minute interview is positive interaction with an employer. This get the jobseeker hired, promoted, and recruited. In order to achieve this striking act of strength one needs a month of preparation or more for many others.

The questions can range from personal and family to salary history. The ring round one begins with personal and family details. This round can be crucial to determine to be in or out of the ring.

Action begins with a smile, direct eye contact and a brief introduction etc. Some of the general questions during interview will be –

1. Tell me about yourself- Simple and brief within the business requirements.
2. What are your parents’ occupations? – Keep it simple and positive.
3. Why did you choose to study that particular college? – Bring the importance of college with the decision you have made.
4. Do you have plans to pursue further studies? – Emphasize on self-learning, improvising and keeping the business importance.
and so on

It is important to end the note with questions. Questions pertaining to salary, vacations, performance increments/bonus have to discuss during receiving offer letter for joining. In order to crack the one minute interview, it is hence needs a professionals input. Be confident in your execution (approach) and attitude; let the employer feel it through your body language and dressing.

Quote of Post: The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate – Joseph Priestley

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