A Masterpiece Resume

This is a continuation of Communication Skills- Beyond English! On resume (Planning), resume preparation requires ample time to make a masterpiece -sellable one. Creating a high-impact, attention-grabbing resume is highly challenging one. In other words, resume has to be clear, concise and compelling with measurable benefits. These can be achieved by wisely weaving the impact words, laying out the skills, tailoring based on the requirements.

Many recent colleges graduates as well as 1-4 years work experience shun away to get noticed from a high demand position. This can be attributed due to –

►Unable to express skills in words
►Unable to project the tangible benefits to an employer

In order to get noticed, a strong masterpiece resume is needed. This can be achieved with the following points (along with other general points) –

● A Strong job title objective or summary
● Layout of the earned technical/ management skills- translate them into tangible benefits to an employer
● Get set to define the soft skills
▪ Communication
▪ Presentation
▪ Teamwork and many other skills
● Tailor and weave resume to a specific position
▪ Jot down all points in the ad
▪ Learn the expectation of a position
● Resume will be complete with – Value proposition, Proof, Brand, Outstand, Passion.

Note: Do not restrict to the above said points, there are various things on Do’s and Don’t’s of a resume. If you are looking for further assistance on cover letter and resume, please comment and you will hear soon from someone.

Quote for Post: Clear communicating the unique promise of value that you have to offer – William Arruda

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6 Responses to A Masterpiece Resume

  1. bcpatel says:

    Where is the sample of resume…? please show the sample which can be modified according to our details as our resume.

    • loratis says:


      Thank you for your question. It has to be tailor made and it is different for each applicants. There are different level of expectation from each year of experience. As it mentioned in the article, there is no single resume. Hence a professional resume writers are important.

      If you have any further queries, do let us know.


  2. Sipra says:

    hello sir,
    how are you sir. the articles are really good. thank you for the knowledgeable inputs. your sessions provided us great learnings..
    take care.

  3. Shrishail says:

    Thanks for ur valuable suggestions.It would be good if u send us a sample resume for freshers

    • loratis says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately everyone resume is different. There is no single resume and it is wrong on my part to mislead jobseekers. Loratis career school conducts events on career. Visit for more space in near future. I would recommend to register for 3 days workshop for complete view on job looking.


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