MBA – A Dream Degree


I had pleasure to interview Mr.Subhash Kasturi – a MBA graduate from IISc,Bangalore and he is presently working as Product Manager at e4e Business Solutions, Bangalore. He gives an insight of MBA to the MBA aspirants –

Santosh: What MBA is all about?

Subhash: Management is an overview of business. It is macro-view of day-to day operations and strategic decisions. It neither supersedes nor subsides the technical aspects of the job but is another stream of the job.

Santosh: Who should pursue MBA?

Subhash: MBA is not an escape from work. It opens up a different stream of career to be pursued. Anyone who has enough caliber or confident of having a keen eye for running the business should pursue MBA.

Santosh: Why MBA is need to young generation?

Subhash: As is the case with any career/skill, it is easy to learn the skill of managing business at a young age. Getting into business management at an early age also gives enough time to rise to new heights in career.

Santosh: Is it preferred to pursue MBA right after graduation?

Subhash: MBA needs certain level of maturity and exposure. Generally this comes only with exposure while in a job. So it always preferable to join a B-School with work experience. An exposure in a job also gives an opportunity to make a right decision on what one needs to specialize in MBA and also clarity in what one expects from MBA. However in India it is a fad to do MBA right after.

Santosh: How to choose a B-School?

Subhash: Before one narrows onto a B-School to join, aspirants should have clarity on his expectations from the school. Every B-School has its own forte. One’s expectation should synchronize with the B-Schools forte for an ideal fit. If one needs an exposure in technical analysis in Finance then schools like IIMC, IISc, IITM should be preferred. Even though IIMA and IIMB might top the list, they necessarily need not be the top ones on your list.

Santosh: Do MBA aspirants look beyond IIM’s?

Subhash: As I have expressed previously the B-School choice should be based on your expectation. Though IIMs are renowned they might not be the best choice for MBAs in fields like energy management, R&D management, innovation et al. One has to make the choice based on the options and expectations.

Santosh: What all preparation is needed?
Subhash: MBA preparation is more of attitude building for a long period of time rather than short term learning. One should start their preparation by a lot of general reading, business related reading and nurturing an extrovert attitude.

Quote for Post: “You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”- Tom Brokaw

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9 Responses to MBA – A Dream Degree

  1. JD says:

    Hi Santosh.

    I’m a person who wrote a question at Yahoo’s the link below in case you don’t realize who I am:;_ylt=Ao9LLsqlMueH4_Y9BxzqnXrAFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090726101713AAaoxAa

    In your answer, you told me that “If you have an option for higher studies, it will help to avoid this question during interview.”.
    Does this mean that if I complete MSc within normal 2 years of duration, the employees will not question me on stuffs like ” how come it took you 5.5 years to complete your BSc” or “why are you so old”?

    By the time i finish my MSc, I’ll be 27 years old.


    • loratis says:


      Nice to see your quick reply. Higher studies will help to reduce the insight of past education to certain extent. I would also suggest to do following few things –
      1. Complete your Masters in the stipulated time.
      2. Work on some research components along with atleast one publications in well known journal (publications).
      3. Attend some certification programs, this will add value to your education and gain hand on experience.
      4. Keep good rapport with your faculties and their references will make difference.

      Before you apply for any job, do contact me on cover letter, resume and interview tips. Spend quality time in preparing for the interview preparations. I am sure you will do well in future. Keep blogging and be in touch.


  2. Sunil says:

    Hi Santosh,

    I am Sunil S from Eindhoven, netherlands.
    Thanks for the post. I am interested in posts on MBA.
    However, I have a suggestion. I think it is better to ask few more questions about eligibility criteria, placements (average pay package), industry-interface etc.
    What do you say?

    • loratis says:

      Hi Sunil,

      Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your suggestions. I would like to inform you that, there will be series of post related to MBA education. Look out for the space. I will keep you updated on the same.


      • Sunil says:

        Hi Santosh,

        I can also answer few questions related to
        MBA studies in India/abroad.

        Post some of the questions I will reply as soon
        as possible.


        • loratis says:

          Hi Sunil,

          It is nice to your initiation on providing on hand information. I will send you a list of questionnaire and formally request you for an interview. You should hear from you in next two days.

          Thank you once again,


  3. prashant says:

    hi…..just in the last week i heard about a bschool which places us in a job(based on our specialization ie hr,finance etc) right after our admission to mba program. The good thing is we get 2 years experience and an mba degree after 2 years of completion of our degree. so my problem is shall i join this school r not, as this is not like IIM nor it depends on cat score.secondly does the degree have any value after completion of the degree as they r giving the certificate of southasia university london.
    please help me .

    • loratis says:

      Hi Prashant,

      Thank you for your query. Please can you provide us some information about this school, such as School name, Location etc. Once we get some information, you will surely get to hear from us.


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