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It is frustrating spending more time in job hunting for months and perhaps years for few, emailing your ‘Potential Resume’ to ‘Potential Employers’, hoping for someone to knock individual’s fate. I have come across many, including personal resume hardly seen the day light many a times. One question among zillions of questions is “When will the employer open the door for an interview”? It’s a cycle of disappointment and it can be termed as the employment hiring process.

Employer to be in specific, HR recruiter would receive hundreds of resume for the position advertised and recruiter would scan for no more than 15 to 30 seconds. This calls for a well communicated cover letter and resume for an eagle eye. If this doesn’t call for an interview, then there is something wrong with the cover letter and resume. In order to increase the chances to earn an interview call, find someone could assist you for writing cover letter and resume.

Many of us have mistaken communication as merely nice, attractive and flattering English words but, the truth is it’s beyond English. It never implies English language isn’t important. I have divided this article in three phases, such as,

►Action – Cover
►Planning – Resume
►Execution – Interview

In this article “Action” is discussed, Planning (Resume) and Execution (Interview) will be discussed as Part II and Part III in subsequent articles. Although a cover letter is not intended to land you the job, it most definitely can either increase or hurt your chances of your resume being read. It can act has a first mirror of applicant to start with, in other words “First Impression Counts”.

Writing a winning “Action-packed” Cover Letter

● First real time face of jobseeker is cover letter to hiring employer. It has to be target based on the different resume.
● Address the cover letter to appropriate HR with proper salutation, complete name if available.
● Refer to the job title, job id number/code that you intended to apply.
● Body of the cover letter should define the following aspects such as –
▪ Always write complete sentences
▪ A business approach of an organization
▪ Target job you’re after
▪ Employability Skills you have earned to perform for the vacancy, this will promise a benefit – Do Not replicate completely from resume
▪ Avoid less common used acronyms
▪ Do not use words to impress the employer with your knowledge of vocabulary
▪ Create a “action-packed” cover letter
● Thank the employer for taking time to read your cover letter and let them know you would follow up to confirm the email receipt and to discuss (request action) the possibilities of moving forward in the hiring cycle. Some of the Do’s and Don’ts of cover letter are discussed in previous article “Do Not Stumble More”.

The cover letter will enhance the following skills of individuals

□ Understanding – Customize the contents based on specific requirement
□ Clarity – Convey clearly and Concise
□ Planning and Organizing the contents
□ Writing to the needs of the employer “fill”
□ Translating ideas into action

In the subsequent article, Planning (of Resume) will be discussed. Look for the space.

Quote for Post: Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment – Pearl S.Buck

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4 Responses to COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Beyond English!

    • loratis says:

      Hello Ramesh,

      I hope you are finding this information useful. Your valuable suggestion will be appreciated. I was IISc,Bangalore placement co-ordinator for 2006-2008 and 2007-09 batch.

      Keep Blogging.


  1. Swetha says:


    Very useful article .


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