Do Not Stumble More

Many college graduates have frequently faced rejections at the campus hire. These can be attributed for various reasons –

■ Late for Companies Power Point Presentation (PPT)
■ No Questions/ Discussions at the end of PPT
■ Dress Code
■ Take things for granted

The most common mistakes of college graduates in –

E-Cover Letter

► Funky email-id – It would take a while to guess the senders name
► Subject “Missing”
► Miss Salutation
► Low Impact Introduction
► Misspells, Incorrect grammar


►Generic objective
► Miss Value proposition
►TRUTH is stretched far from intended


► Low usage of social media
► Not enough research about an organization
► Asking for a JOB! Not a career
► Get carried with personal discussion
► Obsess over describing unrelated, irrelevant, and unimpressive background experience
► Communication skills – Beyond English!
► Close end discussion

There are various other factors, leads to rejection of applicants prior or during hiring process. One thing college graduates should keep in mind is – There are “NO RETAKES”.

Quote for Post: If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development – Brain Tracy

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6 Responses to Do Not Stumble More

  1. PVR says:

    The article is excellent and educative. In additon to the reasons mentioned the follwing points weigh for rejection.
    1.Too much interest on perks and salary than the type of work, work culture and work environment.

    2.Overconfidence and thinking that they know more than the interviewer.

    3.For the points that are not known, resorting to bluffing rather than plainly admitting that they do not know.

    • loratis says:

      Dear Mr.Venkataramana,

      Thank you for your previous inputs. I will surely add few more points in the next article.

      Keep Blogging.


  2. junhie says:

    Hi ~ santosh ..

    Do you know ?
    How many applicants have I submitted .. till now.

    I think it is .. at least over 100. 🙂

    But, only 5 or 7 interview I have got till now.

    It means even getting interveiw chance is not easy in my country, Korea.

    For making up these tendency, some of Korea’s job seekers and students are enrolled in interview study caffe.

    Interview study caffe is nothing but it is just kind of social gathering through internet community.

    Like santosh you do here, they gather togather naturally and check each other’s applicant and praticing virtual interview for giving more good impresson to interveiwers.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing this good article with me.

    Tomorrow, I will have a one day vacation. 🙂

    I just wanted to reprot this.

    Have a nice day and ..weekends.

    Best Regards,

    Junhie, Han

    • loratis says:

      Hi Junhie,

      Nice to see you reply and though process in this. I would be interested in knowing more about this social gathering. Please kindly let me know, if I can be any help for making your resume. Do not hesitate to contact me on the same.

      Have a nice weekend!


  3. Sujeeth says:

    San, nice article.
    I think you need to put in few more episodes on the same topic 🙂

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