“Employability” – Find Your TRUE North!

India is in the verge of becoming  #1 for number of graduating students from engineering and technical background. There are over 1300 technical institutes (Engineering Colleges) in India producing close to 440,000 graduate Engineers every year and over 750 management institutes producing more than 30,000 MBAs.

Unfortunately only about 5% of the graduates are employable (Nasscom-Mckinsey). Many organisations spend any-were between one week to four months training the graduates at a cost of two lakhs per employee to make them deploy-able.  In tough times like this, that is a cost most companies would like to reduce.

There are high nervous-break down expectation of Indian economy recovery by end of 2009. With excess supply of graduates of 2009, the competition for jobs in 2010 will be challenging.

To make the employee look up for right student, students need to concentrate on developing skills that are applicable across various industries,  such as creative thinking, attitudinal changes, adopt and adapt to changing cum challenging market, intreaction skills etc. Students should look up for avenues to make themselves employable. A longer and clear vision would help them to succed. “Enhancement skills will enhance their opportunity.”

” While U are spoiling time always remmember time is spoiling  U” -Get Set Go to Find Your TRUE North!


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2 Responses to “Employability” – Find Your TRUE North!

  1. junhie says:

    I read it also.

    India is very big and huge country. ^^

    Considering 440,000 graduate Engineers, India’s future is very optimistic.

    Creative and Invovative idea comes from Engineering and science.

    “Enhancement skills will enhance their opportunity” is also good.

    Like a do it right now from santhosh .. !!

    Have a nice day.

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